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We recommend that you read these installation recommendations completely before proceeding with the installation of the SPD system.

Geotechnical Study of the Terrain

To achieve the best result, it is advisable to carry out a geotechnical study of the terrain, paying special attention to the slopes of the surrounding areas and the soil permeability coefficient (K).

Study of rainfall in the area

Depending on the annual rainfall of the project´s geographical area, a specific type of installation may be recommended.

Knowledge of municipal or regional regulations

It is essential to know the rainwater management regulations that apply in the area of action, since they determine the use of the water collected. Normally, water management infrastructures are sized for a specific flow, so if it is exceeded, it will be necessary to use complementary infrastructures such as spillways and storm tanks.

Definition of the dimensions where the system is to be installed

DPS is modulated in 0.50×0.50m. units. It is recommended to carry out a study of the area to be paved in order to optimize the use of the system and obtain the best finish. DPS has an excellent team of engineers and designers trained to perform this task.

The boards

The joints between the concrete pieces must be completely clear.

Flatness of the supporting surface

To achieve the best architectural finish, it is necessary that the base, rigid or flexible, provides a support surface with the least possible roughness.

Choice of rigid or flexible / permeable or impermeable base

The conditions of the ground, local regulations and the intended use of the paving determine the type of water drainage, and consequently, the use of a rigid or flexible, and of permeable or impermeable base.

Installation of the geocells

To ensure a correct adjustment between the elements of the system, it is essential to place all the geocells with the crossarms upwards. Likewise, the first piece will be placed at one of the corners of the area to be paved and, once placed, the rest will be assembled by means of dovetailed lateral joints. Our design and engineering teams are capable of providing solutions for complex areas.

Placement of geotextile and concrete pavements

The entire geocell structure must be covered with the specific geotextile supplied. The formation of wrinkles should be avoided, making sure that the geotextile is as flat as possible. The ecoDraining pieces are placed by adjusting the groove on their reverse side to the crossings of the polymer cells, touch-sensitive adjustable under the geotextile.