Perfect fit

Between all its elements both vertically and horizontally, they make DPS work as a single entity, giving it cohesion and mechanical characteristics far superior to those of each of its parts separately.

Increase water catchment areas in all types of projects

EcoDraining concrete flooring

Modular concrete flooring with high drainage capacity of more than 100 l / m2 / min. Manufactured with siliceous, granitic or basaltic aggregates, of high resistance, it incorporates recycled materials (RCDs). Its exposed face has the ability to decontaminate the air of NOx and other pollutants, being class 3 according to the UNE 127197-1 2013 Standard.

  • Material

    Concrete with siliceous, granitic or basaltic aggregates

  • Dimensions

    Variety of formats.

    • 50x50x5 cm.
    • 50x25x5 cm.
    • 25x25x5 cm.
    • 25×12,5×5 cm.
  • Draining capacity

    More than 100 l / m2 / min

  • Flexural strength

    According to standard UNE-EN 1339

  • Weight per m2

    Approx. 115 kg / m2


Non-woven geotextile with high mechanical performance and very resistant to weather, chemical and biological processes. It allows the passage of water and retains fine particles.

Hidrocell Geocell

Highly resistant plastic geostructure that allows the capture, accumulation and underground transport of rainwater. Manufactured with black polypropylene reinforced with mineral charges, it is a 100% recycled and recyclable material. It can be configured in different thicknesses, achieving a greater capacity to retain water under its surface.

instalación geocelda hidrocel
  • Material

    Black PP reinforced with mineral fillers

  • Dimensions

    500x500x50 mm

  • Total volume

    12,5 liters

  • Volumen Útil

    11,5 litros

  • Weight per m2

    5 kg/m2

  • Breaking load

    50 ton/m2


Sistema Urbano de Drenaje Sostenible

DPS Technical Prescription

M2 of supply, placement and performance verification of a sustainable drainage system with a permeability greater than 100 l / m2 / min, accumulation capacity of at least 50 l / m2, decontaminant and recordable, type Dry Paving System (DPS) or equivalent . Formed by custom ecoDraining permeable concrete pieces, class 3 according to the UNE 127197 / 1-2013 standard, anchored with a click-up system on Hidrocell geocells including a geotextile. In size and color to be chosen by the facultative direction.