1 - Capture

Rain or runoff water quickly permeates the pavement´s surface, being momentarily retained between the polymer cells.

2 - Infiltration

The stored water gradually infiltrates into the subsoil according to its degree of permeability.

3 - Transportation

Depending on the slope of the ground and the type of base, water can be transported in a controlled manner to an accumulation tank to be used for garden irrigation or street cleaning, infiltrating the ground gradually. The excess can be diverted to a spillway or the nearest rainwater collector.

Water management

  • ecoDraining pavement
  • Permeable Geotextile
  • Hidrocell cells
  • Permeable Geotextile
  • 25 cms. thick Graded-aggregate
  • Ground
esquema gestión del agua

DPS installation diagram on waterproof rigid base

DPS installation diagram on permeable flexible base

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